Thursday, June 16, 2011

Surely it's Surly.

In my quest to be a loud mouth jerk I always said skinny bars on mountain bikes sucked. It goes back to my days of bmx, when I rode big bars. I rode big bars when big bars were just coming out. I liked my bars big because they felt better. Anyways.

I was riding a Niner 710mm flat bar. I made the comment that skinny bars suck. Joel, my boss, said they don't. He offereed to let me ride a Crank Brothers bar that is a mere 600mm wide. Ok I'm game. No big deal. I'll try it. The first time I rode it, I was using a Powertap wheel and was more being a jerk, applying some pedal power, and giving it a whirl. I rode the CB bar to Arkansas this last weekend and it sucked. I didn't like the width, or straightness. I had been fascinated with the idea of a bendy bar. I know some people love them. The bastard child of a drop bar, a mustache bar, and an otter.

My reasoning went something like this:
The Niner bar has some good bend, I like the Niner bar.
The Bontrager big sweep I just put on the Schwinn I ride to work feels great too.
The super bendy Surly One Bar is even more bend-tabulous than either of those.
If the bar has too much bend-tabulous action for single track fun I could always run it on the Schwinn on the Surly CrossDresser.

I ordered it. (before I knew ORAMM was full and I should have been spending my money on other stuff)

Boom. The bend is great looking, the drop is deep, and I want to ride it badly. I need to recable the rear brake and the shifter, but really the current length will work to make sure this bar is actually living on this bike before I go buying up all the housing and stuff and setting it up.

Inferior bar is inferior

Lonely stem and a snoopy puppy

Looking fun.

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  1. The last picture... The bell is a nice touch... but doesn't the seat give you sleepy peepee?