Sunday, November 28, 2010

How sweets ruined the world.

I got to ride Thanksgiving Eve in shorts and a jersey. It was so nice. Ryan came by my apartment after work and we proceeded to ride from my apartment on the mountain bikes. It was fun. We rode through campus, which unfortunately did not have any eye candy to view. . . bummer. I set up a bell for our greenway adventures and placed the striker in front of my big ring shift lever. I told Ryan it was a warning. If the bell chimes and no one is around its hammer time. We rode to G-town road and headed back, all reversing it. Afterwards Andrea joined us for beer and food at RP Tracks. It was good. I had chicken and bacon and sweet potatoe fries. Sweet Sweet Jesus. I came home and played with the Marley and decided to watch Fight Club, one of my favorite movies. I am Jack.

I woke up Thanksgiving morning with no real structure and no real plan for the day. I baked muffins. We went to the dog park and played. I cleaned my car out/took the CarMax sticker off/sewed a button the seatbelt so the buckle doesn't go into the deep dark crevice between the seat and door. I also scrubbed all the hard interiors panels that had been becoming greasy from 13 months of leaving the bike shop and driving home without properly scrubbing from the elbow down.  I even took a bucket of water and cleaned up my rims so my ride looks fly (in my opinion, brake dust covered rims is equal to helmet straps over sunglasses - completley un-fucking-acceptable). I rode the trainer as it poured down rain. I watched some of the 06 Paris-Roubaix. Afterwards I did some sweaty push-ups and sit-ups and Marley helped dry me off. . . with his tongue. . . Thanks bud. I shaved my head and face, showered, and went to eat Ryan and Andrea's Thanksgiving awesomeness. After that Ryan hooked me up with a Hoover vacuum so old it has a "shag" setting (just like your mom, but she's stuck in shag-mode, just ask the whole neighborhood) and a box of glasses and kitchen mugs. Having friends rocks. We do things for each other. Like they give me crap they would Goodwill but I need in my apartment. I went home, kicked the dog and cleaned up my trainer mess.

I went to Outdoors on G-town road and Jack-ed (similar to ice, but with a Jack Daniels Down Home Punch) Andrea. Then I gave them some muffins and went home. I lazed around the rest of the day and then later went grocery shopping. Nothing too exciting, nothing too crazy.

Went to work and tried to straight hussle all day and make some mad money. Or something like that. I went to my sisters after work and stayed there in preparation for our Sunday of Thanksgiving dinner with the family. Helped her unpack her Christmas stuff, sorta.

very short bike ride, too much food, and getting tired of typing this post.
Pictures tomorrow maybe.

ps, my blog title is a lie. I love cake like this guy loves cheezeburgerz

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Short and Sweet.

Something this blog will be and I'm not. (oh snap).

So I have class starting in 20 minutes and after that I am on Thanksgiving Break. I am not working again until Saturday. What does that mean for yall? Nothing, I won't blog anymore than usual. For me it means that I am riding this afternoon with on the mountain bikes. After that we plan to drink beer and be slightly rowdy? Maybe.
My mom came down with a virus so we moved backThanksgiving til Sunday so the grandparents don't get sick. Wooooohooo. What does that mean for me? I get to spend all day riding the bike and playing with the pup and all that happy stuff. I have planned to eat dinner with my adoptive parents from and Marley will get to meet Thor, the cutest kitten ever. Hopefully the result of so much cuteness won't result in an explosion.
Friday is supposed to be cold in the morning and there is a ride leaving from at 8am. Hopefully I will make that and it will be fun. I plan to work a bit on Friday even though the shop will be closed because I need to make some peoples bikes awesome, and I'd like to make some big faced hundreds.
Saturday will be work with a bit of BS-ing mixed in. If you wanted to drop by the shop with leftovers I would be stoked. Remember, at this point when you are getting tired of leftovers I'll still be 24 hours from Thanksgiving dinner.
Sunday  I planned my family's dinner around my ability to ride Outdoors that morning. Bitching huh?
Monday school starts back up and things keep rolling.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bring your big boy britches. . .

I just wanted to let yall know this is what I'm doing tonight. Reading a book. <------ don't click right there if your ears catch on fire when certain letters are arranged in certain ways. Those words rhyme with things you will be eating soon. Like ham, possibly duck, and the strange cod-ham. There may be others. I am not sure.
Happy Tuesday everyone.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Fever Finally Broke

The cross hoss fever finally broke. And yes, it is very similar to this, but not similar to this at all. I don't know if you can call it a season of cross, but it was a total  of 7 races.

I raced the Crunk series like I did last year and had a great time. The first race was good on the geared bike. The next two I did SS and a guy was sorta sad when he realized post race it took him a few laps to pass me, not lap me. I started to get some confidence in my riding ability at this point. I decided to race both days of Spooky Cross and found myself podiuming both days. OK at this point I feel good. I have been riding and it is sorta paying off. Go to McEwen and win. Note to self: ride all winter you spineless terd, keep getting better.

I race the Outdoors race and was happy/pissed at myself. I didn't warm up enough. I should have been sweating at the starting line. John King, MB team rider, who I had been able to shake off my wheel at every race, made me look like I was riding with a brick dragging behind me. He gapped me and I could never get him back. I finally got warmed up or comfortable being uncomfortable and put my head to work. Ben Knoerschild from MB was on a borrowed bike and he found me. We rode together for a while and his fitness is superior, my abilities are superior. Eventually I ended up riding alone to an overall 4th in the B race with 3rd in CX4.

Now I will turn my attention first and foremost to graduating. (see how little attention this gets. This little.)

Next year is going to be a year to kick ass and make people bleed from their eyes.

Spa-City 6 Hour
Ouchita Challenge
Syllamos Revenge
Cohutta 100 (yes I'm gonna pony up.)
Memphis Omnium

I also want to try and spend a week in CO chilling out, riding hard, maybe hiking up to a point where my lungs feel as if they will collapse.

What else should I do, all 5 people who read this?

credit: Super Awesome Courtney

Friday, November 12, 2010

Mas Cowbell

Mas Cowbell. No Mass Comida Mexicana.

I haven’t been posting. Sorry. View,, or if you need more continual updates. I have been busy racing ‘cross without cross dressing, reading ‘til my eyes melt, cutting my own hair to keep up the Holocaust victim/convict simple haircut, building new Felt F15X frames from the warranty department of Felt Bikes, eating salad, typing papers, installing FSA shallow drop road bars on SAC’s bike, brushing dog teeth, working at the bike store not gluing tubulars (I love gluing tubs on) and searching for new lamps. Add into the mix daylight savings time change and I have been zonking out at record early times all week.

McEwen Cyclocross went down at Pace’s Cog Farm this last weekend. blogger Ryan Bosio told me to STFU, HTFU, and get to the choppa because I was going whether or not my college budget said it fit or not. This proved to be an awesome decision on his part. The MB-BPC team party was the night before so I showed up after work, drank a little, talked some serious bullshine, and tried to explain to one of my former profs and now teammates that I had trumped Zeno’s Paradox of motion. She squashed that pretty quick. But it was all in good philosophical babble fueled by booze. I went home and packed, and headed to The Bosio Compound. I dove into the upstairs bed, tried to sleep, and wanted to strangle the pup for wanting to make friends with the kitty all night. On the way to the race I wasn’t feeling it. Pity Party Supreme. Ryan was feeling a little boozed from the night before but oh well, we were going make it. We arrived and I started warming up and realized this awesome log at the bottom of the hill was something that I HAD to hop. It was too far up the hill to mount at the top and I didn’t feel like getting on in the middle of the hill because the possibility of a stall/redismount seemed likely. I tried hopping it, it worked. I wasn’t convinced it was faster but thought it would be easier/more consistent at least.

Bang the gun goes off. I am sitting in 4th at the first turn and 2nd hits the deck, 3rd gets caught in traffic. Awesome I’m 2nd. Powery grass section, I’m in 4th again. Get to awesome log and 1st causes traffic, 2nd gets caught in traffic, 3rd slows to a crawl to dismount. I hopped it, hammered the hill, came out of the woods anaerobic and bleeding from my eyes with a 8-10 second gap on 2nd. I decide to live in my glory while it lasts – read as continue bleeding from the eyes. The chase group was big but not a unit, it was 5 laps of them slowly trying to reel me in through the grass sections with me gapping them at every dismount and tech feature. The log really helped my lead on every lap and I rode in to my first win on real bikes. I won a 2300g wheelset, a drawstring backpack, and Travis Werts of Sugoi clothing gave me a really cool beanie. Stoked.

I get home to an apartment that now belongs to me and my pooch, Marley. I spend the week trying to get things arranged and settled in with my newly acquired closet and bathroom space. Like I mentioned earlier I was also reading ‘til my eyes melted and typing papers etc. this week.

The Felt Warranty Cross frame with all of its BB30, anodized, better brake routing badassness showed and get built with the use of a Wheels Manufacturing BB30 to Shimango (imagine a mango that is equipped with built in electronic peeler, so those peels come off so much faster) adapter. That thing works trick. I rode it on the road on Tuesday morning. Mechanical problem, no multi tool. WTF. I fixed it after class and went and rode it. Those wheels are slow. They are great trainers though. They make the hills harder. At first I thought I was suffering from Dead Legs and pedaling squares but then I realized my wheels are nearly 1.5 lbs heavier. That is like putting a big burrito on each wheel, but far less tasty.

I rode the trainer this morning and the only thing that saved me from stabbing my eye out (my poor eyes this week, bleeding, melting, and potentially facing being stabbed from boredom) was the fact that Maury was on the Idiot Box so I could laugh at the people who go on that show.

I had Mexican twice this week. Two nights in a row. The first time was at the request of my mother for her birthday. The second night was at request of SAC and it tasted good. After trainer riding this morning it wasn’t so good. No more Mexican food this week for me, por favor.

I also got to build up a bike with Super Record 11 this week, inventory tools in the shop to send some unneeded duplicates to Nashville, and ride a fixie – brah!

Yesterday I woke up at six in the morning and went on a cleaning rampage. Washed the dog and brushed his teeth. Did the dishes and mopped the kitchen, washed bike tire marks off the apartment walls, you know. . . the regular stuff that needs done but no one ever wants to do it until you have that day. I woke up before any alarm went off, looked at the wall, and thought “holy shit I’m really awake right now. Let’s do something”. After work I went and continued my search for lamps. I ended up with hangers and a bag of bagels. I think I may actually purchase lamps tonight.

Outdoors Inc Cyclocross race this weekend. I am racing. Hoping to hit three straight weekends of cross with three appearances on the podium, hopefully the logs are stacked in my favor.

Also received my FUCancer jersey in the mail this week. Stoked.

What did you do this week?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Spooky Cross and Tri-Guy to Die For.

The weekend didn't start like this, but it whirlwinded and ended this way. Friday morning I set my Felt back up for cross racing after having it loaned out. Then I went home, went to school, ate lunch and went back to work. At work the new warranty frame had arrived. It is all BB30 compatible and has a different brake routing as well. 
I didn't bother to try and build it because I  am getting a cool adapter that will allow me to run my Shimano crank inside the BB30 bearings. The cool part is when I get ready to put a BB30 I can just slide it right through.
Friday night I went home, hung out, and got all my junk ready for the race day fun that would start the next afternoon. I prepped my Surly as a back up bike but it never even came off the car all weeekend. It was good to know it was there if I needed it though. I raised my bar height just a tad over my previous set up and it Felt good. (see what I did there?)
Saturday morning was fun, I ate breakfast, got super nervous, went to work. I glued some tubular tires and sold a mountain bike. I then unboxed my warranty frame and hung it on a frame display just for shits n giggles. Then I left for the race.
At the race I did some preriding, warming up, and general stressing. Super Awesome Courtney A(customer with a runnning problem) showed up to be my photographer, cheerleader, key holder, and generally just be awesome. I had a really good race, Andrea heckled the hell out of me and made me feel worthless all race. John King from the big boy M&B squad roadie rode my wheel and put the pressure on me all day. It wasn't until about 2 laps to go that I finally gapped him off my wheel and rode away to 2nd. I had a lot of fun with the race, even hopped this one small barrier every lap. It was good to show off a tad, it boosted my confidence and hopefully was unsettling to Mr. King sitting on my wheel.
Sunday was more of the same with a different twist. I knew I could push myself just a little harder for the whole race than I had the day before and lined up at the front, under a hoodie to stay good and warm at the start. Some guy pushed his way to the front and half wheeled me only to sit in the way when Schmidt (race official) said go so he could fiddle with and start his "Garmin wrist mounted clusterfuckness" of in my way. I got out and got hammering, passed everyone by the second cone in the open field string-em-out start and lead for the first half of the first lap. Three guys passed me on an open section. Two were uber-fast Los Locos tri guys on mountain bikes with just sick levels of fitness, the other being Boomer on SS. Hit the pavement and it was me, Mr. King, and Garmin all together. 2nd lap the King and I gapped Garmin off our wheel on the pavement and sorta did what we did the day before, I hammered and he held on. I tried something a little different and it actually worked out. He could hold my wheel in the singletrack, so I couldn't shed him there. I knew that from the day before. I just slowed down a tad in the singletrack so he would still be working, but I would have a little more to snap with in the open fields and stuff. He attacked me on the last hill of the last lap and ended up gassing himself trying to shake me. I ran like a mad man through the barrier and took him back, then rode away from him. He saved what he had left for the Masters race.
I ended up almost naked, beer poured on me, and generally intoxicated with my cash n prizes neatly tucked into a speed bottom (see above, if your eyes still work)

Standover height is premium, but you probably didn't notice a bike in the picture.
Gutting it like a real boy.