Friday, December 24, 2010

Month long update.

I have been busy. Real busy. I quit blogging for this month so I could focus on getting this done. I wrote more papers, read more crap, walked more puppy, built more bikes, and did all sorts of stuff in the last month of school than I really felt good about. I was really worried I had botched up the last semester of school but it turned out that it was all good. Four A's. I don't even mind that two had the little pesky - after them.

I didn't actually go to graduation. Stock photo it is.

So after I did that I decided I would do something like this. Woo big fun huh? Yeah, actually it was. It was really delicious. Then I went home SAC decided she wanted to bring me this:

6 days and 5 movies later, it was gone.

There was a balloon also, but it didn't make it to the photo gallery.

I went to Starry Nights. Yes, you can dig into my past where when I first started blogging I said I thought it was stupid, wasteful, and ruined the daytime look of the park. While I still hold those beliefs, I grinned like a sugar filled 5 year old when the shark chased the fish, all in led lights. It was fun, like usual I was cold.

Another amazing thing was my ride to SAC's house on the way to Starry Nights. I was riding my mountain bike and was cruising along. "gah, road bikes cross bikes with road tires are way faster than mountain bikes" fast forward a bit " I thought I locked my fork out, what a squishy mess" then the shit hit the fan rim hit the road. It wasn't that bad, it was more like "man this thing is going flat, I'm almost to her house, maybe I can limp there and change it using a pump and be indoors too." I rolled up to her house on the rim. I had been real careful to not turn on it or be stupid. I grabbed her pump, aired it up to 40 to see if I could find the hole (tubeless set up). No luck. I haven't put Stan's in this wheel since before ORAMM. I haven't really ridden it since then either. It held air. I rode 25 miles and it was peachy. I squeezed it this morning and it was still holding air. WTF? who knew. Maybe tubeless isn't so bad. . .

I want to build my next wheelset with Stan's rims so I can get a good set up going and make the stuff work right. My rear tire didn't want to be tubeless and it was a fiasco before ORAMM. I just haven't bothered to put the time into it to make it bareback... Even after my incident where I nailed it with a LARM on the unfinished greenline and triple flatted. Yeah I said triple flatted. Flat, hole in spare, broken valve stem on patched spare.

Since school is over I have done a good bit of lounging and relaxing. My best bud Marley has been helping with that.

I have been working a good bit and trying to get the shop whipped into shape for some serious service and sales. New guy Todd has been working out real well and he is a good guy. I have been teaching him the way of the RB and he is picking it up. Before you know it he will be a tri-bike cabling, wheel truing, beast. Like now.

RB's Nashville is open. 615-567-6633
Hit them up. They can hook you up.

Highway to the friend zone.

Friday, December 3, 2010


self portrait, while riding the rollers

McEwen podium

McEwen Booty

Fuck You, Cancer

My quiver of cross. Snicker. I said quiver.

Toes, and bb30 adapter.


Black Friday, Greenline cruising.

Not too many people, guess everyone's shopping

Soggy day of errands comes to an end.

preparing for hair removal therapy.

proof of my "sickliness"

71 page document needs bound? Zip tie that shit.

how I feel about the last 10 days of school.