Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010 ORAMM

So the weekend was pretty awesome.

 Anytime I get to drive through a tunnel I get giddy because you are either underwater or the hill was to big to drive over (read as an awesome place to hang out). Andrea Wilson and I arrive in base camp with some 29er tubes for my acting up wheel that is being less than cooperative at seating up without a rubber in it. Karma 1.9 was giving me some karma for not doing this tire changing crap earlier.

 Note in this picture the tire sealing attempt in vain in the bottom left.

I had opted to go with a tube in it if it didn't seem to be holding air by race morning. I didn't want this to happen - yeah i've used it before, but it's good. During the race I unknowingly heckled the hell out of Team Dickey and was still beaten by an old guy on a rigid bike. WTF? Anrea and I had gotten some top notch intell from a previous finisher. A little better than doubting my training amounts - small they may be they are all quality rides because I'm just soooo good looking. Anyways back to the point we had been told to hammer to the top of Kitsuma to not become part of a fail train (funny around 1:30 to the end) and unlike my travelling companion who had been hiking to the top of 14k feet mountains and racing the Breck100 on her SS in the last two weeks, I had been hammering on the road and tapering so I was feeling super froggy and ready to snap some legs off once we crested Kitsuma.. I kept up a slightly uncomfortable pace coupled with lots of fluid, electrolytes, nom noms of all sorts, and good ole' aid station Coca Cola.

I am real pleased with the fact that I didn't use a Camelbak. The Memphis heat was equal in temp and humidity with what was rabble-frabble post race grumbled as "the worst weather ever at ORAMM" which meant my 3pm rides had been paying off as I was used to downing bottles and sweating salt mines into jersey. I finished in 7:06 which was good enough for 56th overall. 24th in open men. I am super stoked and planning to go back for some more. Post race dirtiness -

I also channeled some power from Bull City Boys and use some socks that were provided by Dr. Big N Hairy, AKA the Pirate.

Friday, July 2, 2010

grapes and war.

I am sitting at my friends  - Ryan and Andrea's house chillaxing with their dogs, eating a big bowl of honey nut cheerios and another bowl full of fresh red grapes. Sweet baby jeebus to have a cupcake right now would be awesome.

Why would you give a shit about what I'm eating? Well maybe you don't. The solution is the red x in the corner of the tab labeled "Bean-Pole On A Bike". Actually I am going to write up my personal experience while taking a supplement known as Oxyelite Pro.

I have been participating in studies with the University of Memphis in order to gain easy money. The first thing I did for them was run a 10k once a week under the influence of a different stimulant each time. The second thing I did was a resting study of the product Oxyelite Pro. The third that I just finished was a chronic study of OEP. The goal was to see if the effects of the stimulant would be suppressed after 14 days of straight use.

My experience with OEP was nothing short of death. I hated the supplement. Imagine taking a pill in the morning that is caffiene. Appetite out the window. Super focused 1000 mile death stare. Always tired (I am crediting that to the fact I was consuming around 2/3 my normal food intake of 3500-4000 calories a day). I had figured out how to trick my body into eating during the day and beating THE MAN (OEP) by eating a large breakfast that was juice, a protein shake, toast, and an omelette. I would get my body in the mood to eat and just make a conscious effort throughout the day to stay on task of snacking and not going all bonk-zilla. Today I had to go to the lab with a 10 hour fast under my belt (pun intended) and then consume the two purple pills of doom.

I zoned out and did the 1000 mile stare before I left the lab this morning. I never really recovered as my day kind of whirled along at break neck speed from lab to parking ticket to apartment to house sitting to shower to a million things at work to house sitting to bike ride to bonk zilla. I did the math and realized I had eaten about 1000 calories all day and maybe sat down for 45 minutes all day at work. It all caught up to me and kicked me square in the ass as I hammered down Wolf River Sand Bar.

'Ole Sandy and me hadn't kicked it since Hurricane Elvis v 2.0 hit Memphis earlier this year. It was brutal. So I turned and burned for the house, trying to be nice as I passed guys in Shelby Farms who were riding sweet bikes.

On a brighter note I received two tips today that made my day.

The first was a pair of NC's baddest boys socks courtesy of BigWheeler. From now I will refer to him as Dr. Big N Hairy. His tires is 29 inches talling and his legs. . . well a picture says a thousand words. For the record Dr. Big N Hairy's legs were not available for a photo shoot as the deadline pushed closer, so I used some stock photos. Pigeons not included on the Dr.

The second thing one of my customers was cool enough to stop by with was an invitation to a family oriented party tomorrow night with a 15,000 dollar firework show and also a gift card to a little greasy spoon in Arlington, TN called "Vinegar Jims".