Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I suck at updating.

Snow Day, Walnut Grove Ice Sheet

Sad Panda, Why no parts on frame?

Holy Seven Bikeman!

Happy Mechanic

Arkansas Trip Started Right

Driving with just me to come home early.

Booze, Bikes, and Mountains. Recipe for a good weekend.

Focus full o' Seven for good gas mileage. 26mpg on the trip out

Big, Stiff, Rideable and Writeable. Air Nine Carbon

Livingstong Creek hike at the end of the weekend.

Feet are cold.

So things are going.
Keep it classy.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow Ride, 2011.

Excited for snow in Memphis

First person to hit the bridge after the snow started.

Back by campus, feeling frosty.

Icy eyebrows, how does that work?

It was fun, I wore a lot of clothes and had a great time. The Surly with 700x40c tires worked great and the gearing was just enough to keep the intensity up so I didn't freeze. I love steel. On to my next post then.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 ended with a ruh roh.

So it's simple. What the beginning of the year looked like, what the end looked like.

Had a girlfriend living with me, single.
Had a job that I was kicking ass at, unemployed.
Was weak and looking to race, still weaking and looking to race.
Was a college student, graduated.

So about the unemployed part.
I ended up having a few days of paid leave from my employer. At that time I did everything I could to not go absolutely crazy. I tried to make myself busy. I even spent a few days in Syllamo, as I had already planned to ring in the new year all anaerobic and stuff. Fun times.

I am now employed at Outdoors Inc, if anyone is missing me, looking for me, wishing to deliver alcoholic beverages for my consumption you can find me there. I am currently working at both the Union and G'town Road locations. Not at the same time. I'm not that awesome.

I get to wear a shirt to work everyday with a beaver printed on it.
I said beaver.

More to come later. I am going to get some stuff done. I have been busy, still am busy, and still have no interwebz in mi casa.