Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Old English Cyclocrunk?

That kinda week.

Tonight I'll race some SS cyclocrunk.
Then I will go to the bar and have fun.
And not worry about my broken car, broken dryer, or anything else.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Campy Electric, Cross Racing, & No One Cares.

So I just took a look at the first article I have seen about Campy Tech Lab Electronic Shifting. I can say that I am not at all impressed. Rough quote that won killed the article "ours is different from Di2. Theirs has 10 gears, ours has 11".

If you want to impress me do what FairWheels Bikes did. Make Di2 work with 13 gears on the freehub or something like that on a road bike. Or rework the shifting sequence, remove overlapping ratios, and use one shifter for a Di2 mountain setup. Now you got me hot and bothered.

But don't act like your shit don't stink because you have 11 gears and you made it shift with a button. We still can't reach the thumb button from the bottoms of the drops. I have big, hairy, manly hands and I can't shift Campy comfy from my drops. Anyone else thinking that Campy hoods feel like Shimano 9spd Tiagra hoods?

Sounds like Campy wanted to find a way to separate rich bastards from more of their money. Round of high fives, break out the cham-pain.  Rant about that over.

Cross season is in full swing and I want the tunnel style runup/ramp/underpass that they had in Louisville. Google it, it was rad. I have thought about how cool it would be have steps in a cross race every time I ride from my apartment and shoulder my bike when I get home to come inside.

Other Cross related news. Last crunk is Tuesday. I want to finish the race and boogey over to the bar and get loose. If I drink enough I will probably pronounce myself SS CRUNK CHAMP then steal Russ's Crown.

Sorry, no one probably cares. I'm going to eat waffles, play with my dog, and do homework. That is the order of importance/priority as well.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

See you out there

First things first.
I got a "The Stick" and used it for the first time yesterday.  I rolled around in the floor making my O face for like 10 minutes. If you haven't ever used one, just go by one....  I wish I had a time machine so I could go back in time and have one for the last 3 years of biking. Buy one from Fleet Feet and hope the girl helping you doesn't have icing covered fingers (from making, baking, and delivering/mailing cupcakes).

Second things second.
Get it.
It has been fun. Next week there is beer at the Young Ave Deli after the race. Which is strategically (coincidentally) located directly between the race and my house.

I have a good plan - Ride to race. Gut myself on SS. Don't get lapped by Russ & Boomer like I did last week. They got me on the last lap. Start drinking. Ride to the bar. Finish drinking. Ride home. What can go wrong in this scenario? Everything. I'll keep you posted.

Third things, well, third.

More Flexin'

Happy Saturday.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

File This Under Brain Bleach or Spank _ _ _ _ ?

If the thought of me half naked turns you off, don't follow this link to andrea's bathroom of haircuts. If it does, then clickity-clack shazam your night away.

A night of dogs, burgers, beer, and oddly enough tag-teaming one another with a pair clippers.

In bike related news I rode myself into the ground this morning in a brave attempt to catch the outdoors ride after leaving 15 minutes late due to un-cross-a-fying my cross bike for a road ride and then getting caught by a train. I did some long sustained efforts, talked to myself like I was a stupid slave child, and cut off two sections and actually did catch them. Luckily for me the rest of the ride we rode a "gentleman's pace" which still made my eyeballs want to melt after my one hour solo work I did to find the group. I tried not to pull any today, it worked out.

I did get my brownies at the store, too.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Things have been busy.

This last while has been hectic. I have been reading, writing and riding a bunch. Mid-termpapers/exams were just due this week and I had a hell of a time getting all that done and turned in on time. I also raced the cyclecross I mean Cyclocrunk. It was a ton of fun. BRB I'm gonna try and steal a pic. Success, thanks Tulio - sorry your knee kept you off the bike. After the Crunkness more fun stuff happened this week and everything is pretty hectic in a non-scholastic way too. All things work out in the end.
it was "too hot" for zipped up.
So it was my first race-ish debut in my BPC kit and the shit talking is already piling in. All in good fun. . . . I said all in good fun, right boys? Alright well with that rant over, my race went better than I thought it should, especially since my barrier training for this year was uhhhh, this race. I think my ungodly long legs coupled with my young stupidity allow me to abuse myself in that fashion and only limp for a few days afterwards. I didn't get lapped this year, which was a pretty good accomplishment since some legit people come to have fun. Dr. Big N Hairy showed up on the SS steel mountain bike. His words were something to the effect of "a lot more spandex and a lot less crunk than I expected". It was still tons of fun for everyone, I hope.

Next week I won't rock the Defeet UnD-Lite unless it is cooler outside. I got a little bit on the extra warm side, which made my very happy I had brought a clean jersey with me. I rode over from the house so I had a bag with some post-race grub, arm-warmers, a dry jersey, and a big rear taillight so I wouldn't get squished cruising back to the crib. All in all it was a great way to blow $7 dollars.

I will take my camera to document post-race finale Young Avenue shenanigans.

Oh, and yesterday a big box of cupcakes showed up at the shop. I got milk on the way to work today and had mine with a nice chocolate milk. MMMMM. We must be providing some Grade A asskissing service if we get that.

This morning I hit the drive through to the bank on my gravy train -aka Surly CrossCheck, then rode the new Greenline to go to Lowes and pick up electrical tape for the shop. I hit a pretty gnarly decent when re-entering the Greenline, for a fixed gear cross bike. I'll take photos while I'm on fall break and make a good blog that is worth reading, for once.

Keep it classy Cap'n Cyclist.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Biscuits, a Goatee and a Snake.

Not my original pic, but similar to what I ate.

 So lately I have been really busy. Since the last time I was here I have probably read 500+ pages and skimmed a few more, typed 5-6 pages of stuff, ridden my bike a few times, went to the gym twice, and started my own facial hair collection.
15 cool things about facial hair:
1) You don't have to shave as much of your face.
2) You can play with it in class instead of listening to your teacher.
3) It is warm on chilly rides.
4)Shit, I haven't had a goatee that long so I guess I don't know that many cool things about it. I was a little overambitious from the start of that one. I might shave it off because it is itchy sometimes though. And makes me look slightly like a child molester.

So last time I said I had my bike for next year all figured out. But I am pretty much a liar. I have changed my mind more than anyone in the world should about what to race next year. I want steel, I want a rigid fork, I want SS compatible, I want it encrusted in diamonds, why is this hard for me to find? It not like I'm looking for a tap dancing t-rex. I have been served up some wisdom and troof so I am going to sit on my decision for at least 12 more minutes.

rawr rawr, rawr rawr rawr.
In other news that is completely unrelated to dinosaurs, I had been getting some wicked pain in my jaw from TMJ type symptoms. I thought I was going to have to spend lots of hard earned money and go into debt so I could open my mouth to bite a sandwich without wantint to cry, but I actually got it fixed thanks to the help my coworker's dad, who is a dentist. By simply changing my sleeping habits the pain has gone from wicked to dull.

I went to the Greenline official opening this morning and passed out a bunch of coupons to people on bikes. It was a good fun time. I accidentally ran over a snake on the gravel road between gardener road and the walnut grove bridge. Whoops. I didn't realize it was there until the last second and kinda bunny hopped it. I guess I didn't hit it because it wasn't moving in a pissed off ran over by a bike fashion. I went back and threw a rock at it to make sure it was alive. It was. I took pictures but don't have my camera cord to upload photos. Hence all the stolen pictures for today.

I just emailed a friend with two serious questions and joking question of "Why is the Earth round?''. He replied and answered the first two, but his answer for the last was priceless. "Gravity, bitches."

 Crunk starts this week. I hope to see them bare, errm I mean, see you there.

Friday, October 1, 2010

St. Jude, My Last Week, and How I Picked My Dream Bike.

So out of my last 7 days since we chatted last nothing has really happened in my life that was spectacular that I felt it needed to be blogged about. I worked a charity event for St. Jude - RB's Cyclery sent as a support person for the Give Thanks. Ride. Yeah I didn't think the name was alllllll that clever, however I didn't make the event. I just worked it. Sorta. As soon as we left I was wishing I had my camera becuase there were people who walked the Auction Street bridge. It was silly. I was sitting on the back of the pack trying to drive that slow and my car was just not happy. It was the "slower than first gear wants to go up this hill" speed that made me feel really bored. I helped out one guy by telling him his bike was FUBAR and giving him a ride back into downtown. Then the fun began. I decided that myself and the guys from Peddler should just leap frog until the 40/70 mile split and I'd clean up the 40 and they would have the 70 mile luxury. The route was pretty much the same as the Saturday morning ride from Outdoors so I was feeling brave in the Focus and quickly realized that if I drove that fast I was going to need a SAG myself. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful and I ended up eating a sandwich and going back to work.

I went to school all week and did lots of homework. Imagine stacks and stacks and stacks of books. Yeah I didn't read nearly that much. I worked some like usual. I rode some like usual.

In other not so interesting news, I made up my mind on which road bike and which mountain bike I will be riding next year. I have decided that I will be riding a bunch and that having 10 gears in the back in really important (OMG I MUST HAVE). I am going to really do this bike right. I am buying something a little less exotic for the mountain bike so I can build some wheels to go on it and have a lighter wheels. I plan to ride the stock wheels 90% of the time and really just race the others. Same goes for the road. I want a cool bike with some even cooler wheels. Why am I being so vague? Because I believe in pics or it didn't happen so I am holding off on bragging about my new bike til I have it.

My Felt Nine Race hardtail 29er is currently for sale ($1000) and available for not so immediate pickup. I plan to reinstall the fork and front chainrings tonight so that it is all ready freddy because I know someone wants my bike. They want to have MY bike that is bad enough for ORAMM, Syllamo's Revenge, and some Lake Sylvia fire roads. They want to caress my saddle.  Maybe not that much but for whatever the reason it is very for sale. It will be stock plus Fizik saddle and FSA SL-K carbon post, and the big chainring. The big chainring isn't XT. I broke that one. I didn't spend the 432803 dollars to buy the XT one to fix it. I got the SLX style. It will work the same.

Sorry I'm boring lately.