Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New bike breakfast.

I got a new bike in the mail last week. I have ridden it twice and man am I glad to have gears once again. It's not the lightest thing I have ever seen, but it is a big ass bike aluminum bike, sitting stock at 27lbs or so. I plan to get some more American Classic wheels because they are super light for the money, a carbon bar, and I plan to buy a carbon post so I can get some flex and comfort. But for now I am just going to pedal the miles. And just like my breakfast below, it makes me smile.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So I went to Philadelphia for a Park Tool School Seminar and I saw some stuff you haven't seen. Because as you see on the left it is prototype. It is pretty cool to get to tear apart other people's parts in order to learn how they work and how they go back together. Fortunately I was at the first seminar given so the stuff hadn't been taken apart 15 times yet. The guy at Campy did give me a wheel with a broken freehub spring so I disassembled and reassembled it a few times to no avail when he said "Oh shit man, I think that is the one that got broken in the last class yesterday" he fetched a tiny spring from a drawer of goodies and HOORAY! the freehub was buttery smooth. I was also able to sit down and drink a beer with the guy from the Tech Dept of Cannondale and shoot the shit and get to know the guy I'll talk to on the phone when something isn't 100% right. The booze was good, the room was plush, and the airplane rides were somewhat sketch. In Charlotte on the way home we had to go outside to board the plane with the stairs, then once on the plane I barely fit down the aisle with my hair scraping the ceiling. The guy next to me was a coworker of one of my customers so we shot the breeze and then I went to sleep. I came home and it was still as cold in Memphis as it had been in Philadelphia, but luckily for me I was only outside maybe 1 hour total while in the city of bromance. I really do plan to catch up throughout the week for the last 2 months of my life, and make this a more constant thing. I promise later this week pictures of a new bike, a tentative race plan, and nudie pictures of your girlfriend.