Sunday, March 17, 2013

Where have I been?

Lots have changed since the last time we talked.

Basic rundown:

I decided a long time ago (18-24) I needed a new job. I came to this realization when I decided I wanted to not work weekends, have nice things, and start a retirement fund. I started working towards that goal talking to people who I trusted and who I thought could help me. I started working every angle I could to keep myself in the bike industry. I had looked into jobs that were technical reps and demo drivers. It seemed like everyone I talked to had a hurry up and wait policy. People who worked for hiring agencies lying to me and telling me they worked for the company I was applying for....not cool. Lots of waiting. I started talking to people outside of the industry and was given some of the best advice ever from a guy who is about my age. He told me that people in our age group had fallen into the ill informed belief that we should love our job. He told me he did his job so he could do what he loved: hang out with his wife and ride his bike.

I started talking to other people, getting advice from professionals that I know to see what they would recommend. After talking to a few people and keeping them updated with what I had going on I started to get a few leads. . . not. I had a guy approach me and he asked me if I thought I could sit at a desk. I said maybe. He said let's try. I got a new job  working as a customer service rep at a grand format printing business here in Memphis. So far it has been great. I get to work Monday-Friday with minimal travel. I have only worked one Saturday this year.

Things have been going pretty great so far. I have swapped some bike stuff around, I have gotten some new parts, a new mountain bike, some new shoes, a new helmet. I digress. I am saying since we last talked I have gotten loads of great new stuff. Not all since my new job started.

I started my new job right before Thanksgiving and I can say without a doubt I am much happier doing that. Not that a bike shop is bad. I am not saying that at all. I am saying that this schedule, this type of stimulation, and the ability to get in my car Friday night and go race without asking anyone's permission to go race the weekend. It wasn't that it was THAT hard, it is just the fact that Wednesday I can decide to race on Saturday and not put anyone in a bind.

Now that I am settled in at my new job and getting things going, I am starting to get out and do some stuff and will have some good adventures to write about on a very regular basis.

Faithfully yours,