Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The End of the Semester

So the semester is drawing to a close and I am typing this instead of my final paper for my philosophy class, because well it is is not due until tomorrow at noon. The 24-hour crunch will kick in soon so I guess I will knock it out soon, TURNITIN.COM, then go drop off a hard copy of an a final in the Patterson Building, go buy some Holiday Presents on my bike ride home, eat some lunch, kick my dog, and go to work for a little while.

I am excited to say we have some cool stuff in the works over at the bike shop. People are buying fancy bikes and my bills are still getting paid. I mean this truly, I will write a post soon and explain what happens when you buy your cocaine, errh I mean bike parts, from a local shop. I make the joke about cocaine because let's face it. . . everyone has a vice. Some people get drunk three times a week, some people spend student loans on bicycles, some people shoot guns, others like my mom make scrapbooks. It's all relative because what you spend your money on to make you smile is a good waste, because when you die you can't take stacks of cash with you.

Another thing I am excited about is the ability to ride some cool new bikes in the year 2010. I am going to get something fancy, and only two people know what it is. But one of them grades my papers and another entrusted his super-secret and totally awesome fantasy build to me so I think he won't leak the news. When you see it on the road or trail you will know what it is.

Shucks I couldn't resist. It's a tandem that my dog can pedal the stoker seat. Not.

24-hour crunch starts soon.
More posts this week, with pics, and maybe a tentative race schedule for 2010.