Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good, Bad, and the Putty

So I have had some good, some bad, and in the extremely near future will have some putty as well.

The good: I raced the Smif & Nieces Omnium. It was a grand time. I didn't die in the circuit race even though the pace was pretty hard, one guy snapped off a fork, and it was 700 degrees. I placed 7th in under 40 cat 5. That night was the time trial so I outfitted my cross bike with a Zipp 404 front and 808 rear tubular wheel. I dropped my chain before I started, rolled out with one foot clipped in and proceeded to channel my rage into a 2nd place finish. The next day in the crit I was a protected person due to my Omnium standings but pretty much ran out of gas on the last 1/2 of the last lap. My life story. Ended up 3rd under 40 Cat 5 in TN for the State Crit medal, and 3rd overall under 40 for the Omnium.

The bad: student loan repayment begins very soon. I am going to move out of my apartment and start living in a multi family home. The monthly savings is very near the monthly payment of loan.

(Anyone need a kitchen table and chairs that will be available for pickup at the end of July, free if you get it.)

The putty will come as I patch the holes in the walls and prepare to HTFU and get my 16 mile, one way, commute on to go to Union.

No pics from the weekend really, Cat 5's go last and all the photographers are drunk by the time we race.

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