Friday, October 1, 2010

St. Jude, My Last Week, and How I Picked My Dream Bike.

So out of my last 7 days since we chatted last nothing has really happened in my life that was spectacular that I felt it needed to be blogged about. I worked a charity event for St. Jude - RB's Cyclery sent as a support person for the Give Thanks. Ride. Yeah I didn't think the name was alllllll that clever, however I didn't make the event. I just worked it. Sorta. As soon as we left I was wishing I had my camera becuase there were people who walked the Auction Street bridge. It was silly. I was sitting on the back of the pack trying to drive that slow and my car was just not happy. It was the "slower than first gear wants to go up this hill" speed that made me feel really bored. I helped out one guy by telling him his bike was FUBAR and giving him a ride back into downtown. Then the fun began. I decided that myself and the guys from Peddler should just leap frog until the 40/70 mile split and I'd clean up the 40 and they would have the 70 mile luxury. The route was pretty much the same as the Saturday morning ride from Outdoors so I was feeling brave in the Focus and quickly realized that if I drove that fast I was going to need a SAG myself. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful and I ended up eating a sandwich and going back to work.

I went to school all week and did lots of homework. Imagine stacks and stacks and stacks of books. Yeah I didn't read nearly that much. I worked some like usual. I rode some like usual.

In other not so interesting news, I made up my mind on which road bike and which mountain bike I will be riding next year. I have decided that I will be riding a bunch and that having 10 gears in the back in really important (OMG I MUST HAVE). I am going to really do this bike right. I am buying something a little less exotic for the mountain bike so I can build some wheels to go on it and have a lighter wheels. I plan to ride the stock wheels 90% of the time and really just race the others. Same goes for the road. I want a cool bike with some even cooler wheels. Why am I being so vague? Because I believe in pics or it didn't happen so I am holding off on bragging about my new bike til I have it.

My Felt Nine Race hardtail 29er is currently for sale ($1000) and available for not so immediate pickup. I plan to reinstall the fork and front chainrings tonight so that it is all ready freddy because I know someone wants my bike. They want to have MY bike that is bad enough for ORAMM, Syllamo's Revenge, and some Lake Sylvia fire roads. They want to caress my saddle.  Maybe not that much but for whatever the reason it is very for sale. It will be stock plus Fizik saddle and FSA SL-K carbon post, and the big chainring. The big chainring isn't XT. I broke that one. I didn't spend the 432803 dollars to buy the XT one to fix it. I got the SLX style. It will work the same.

Sorry I'm boring lately.

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