Saturday, October 23, 2010

See you out there

First things first.
I got a "The Stick" and used it for the first time yesterday.  I rolled around in the floor making my O face for like 10 minutes. If you haven't ever used one, just go by one....  I wish I had a time machine so I could go back in time and have one for the last 3 years of biking. Buy one from Fleet Feet and hope the girl helping you doesn't have icing covered fingers (from making, baking, and delivering/mailing cupcakes).

Second things second.
Get it.
It has been fun. Next week there is beer at the Young Ave Deli after the race. Which is strategically (coincidentally) located directly between the race and my house.

I have a good plan - Ride to race. Gut myself on SS. Don't get lapped by Russ & Boomer like I did last week. They got me on the last lap. Start drinking. Ride to the bar. Finish drinking. Ride home. What can go wrong in this scenario? Everything. I'll keep you posted.

Third things, well, third.

More Flexin'

Happy Saturday.

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