Friday, August 4, 2017

Three years later.

This is merely a test. Nearly three years have gone by since I hammered out my last post on here. I am not proclaiming a come back, but I am just going to start plugging away. This first entry back will be a rapid catch up of everything things that didn't make it to the internet between then and now. One of the reasons I stepped away from here is I felt like my life was pretty well documented through Mountain Bike Radio and it came down to time. Now I feel like I have a sort of curated existence in the internet. I am known to be abrasive, sometimes witty, and often times underdressed. I come across rather strong in the internet. While I like to think that in the real world I am rather agreeable, it is only when things are going in the direction of sense. When nonsense is involved I am not very happy.

Since the last entry here, I accomplished a long term goal of obtaining a Syllamo's Revenge rock. It took me a number of years and a ton of cussing to get this one done, but I finally did. I can't find the photo right now, but there is a picture of the bike I used. The geared only crave I had for a short while.

Moving forward in time, I quit my job at the sign shop, found a job at a bike shop in Colorado called Wheat Ridge Cyclery and worked there for a little over two years. Working at that shop had some really cool and really annoying aspects, but all in all it was a great experience.

I was given the chance to ride to the top of Mount Evans from my house, which was one amazing experience. It was a little over 100 miles and 10,000 feet of climbing round trip. Pretty big day.

A long time racer buddy Levi Lester moved to Colorado on accident and we went for a bikepacking trip when he got here. My first overnight trip on the bike.

Not long after that, he started working at WRC and we were coworkers. Tall Bros Unite. Myself, Levi, Andy, and Ali.

Jake D saved my ass repeatedly. He let me sleep in his basement when I interviewed for WRC. He let me stay in his basement when I was evicted. My roommates didn't have permission to have me subleasing. I was evicted in Denver with 3 days notice. Less than ideal, sub-optimal. I did learn that pancakes are amazing ride food, they are really good with fruit shredded in like apples, and they are cheap.

 I painted my dented up cx bike.

I started going fast on the XC bike.

 And when I moved to Wisconsin this summer to work with MBR full time as a real job, I didn't stop being a nice guy and helping a lost daughter/mom duo on the local tails.

That is a real quick breeze over of what things happened since we last talked last.

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