Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wooden Nickels, Athletic Tape, and Death Stares

So fast forwarding through my week of stupidity that leads up to Syllamo as of Wednesday night. . .go!
Sprain my wrist being a 23 year old asshole. Get all super down, get talked shit to, realize I have no choice but to race and not be a total ninny. I am still planning to race the SIR9 and run it single speed but I added my suspension fork. I built a new wheelset and decided to race some tires I have never test ridden in the mountains also. I broke the top headset cup when I did a pre-race shakedown on the bike the other night. I jumped the from the street onto the grass over the curb and landed softly enough to not hurt my recently sprained wrist, but hard enough to shear the headset cup off the sleeve that inserts into the frame. WTF mate?

Tomorrow morning I am going to add the correct not-so-ninny-tastic gear for Syllamo's Revenge 50 miler, ride it a minute, and use my awesome new toaster oven to make breakfast for myself and the hooker that just showed up at my place. More realistically I will fix the bike, ride the bike, and share my breakfast not with a nonexistent lady of the evening, but with gnarly marley who is so cute.

I got an unwarranted death stare this week from a customer. I am being vague for job security. Let's say don't start no shit won't be no shit.

I plan to race hard enough this weekend that I don't even want to get drunk. Also, looking to set a course PR and not have an ounce of energy left in my body in order to raise a beer to my lips.

Next week I plan to come home, build my Felt as a 1x9 for more fun riding to/from the trails in town than spinning like stupid on the SS on the road, and selling a couple of nice road bikes that are small enough to fit the average sized guy (54cm stuff).

Sorry that I am slacking on my picture game. I have been doing other things than uploading pictures. Like not uploading pictures. I don't have the equipment to take awesome pictures but I haven't even taken any cool ones lately.

Need anything else? Didn't think so.

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