Friday, May 6, 2011

Health & Fitness Weekend Warrior

Name: Matt McCulley

Age: 23

Occupation: Outdoors Inc. Bike Mechanic

Sport: Cycling with a focus on endurance mountain biking and cyclocross

Family: A 3 year old Jack Russell Terrier – Marley.

Recent Events: Super Flossy 5000 – which was a 50 mile road race with about 12 miles of gravel.

Fav Accomplishment: Racing Off Road Assault at Mount Mitchell (ORAMM) in 2010. It is 62 miles with 10,000 feet of climbing. I hit my target time and felt good at the end.

Why Biking: I was never into ball sports when I was a kid. I raced BMX from age 11-17. At 19 I missed being on a bike and got into bikes that are intended to go further and faster.

Likes: Going fast, riding with the Marx and Bensdorf/BPC team, going out on a solo ride to Shelby Forest on my weekday off and getting some brownies from the Shelby Forest General Store as a mid-ride snack. Simple stuff.

Dislikes: Cold weather – I am way too skinny to deal with that, flat tires, when people act like people in spandex have a contagious disease.

Motivation: Hands down my number one motivator is Andrea Wilson. She will call me out when I am being lazy and talks down to me like I am stupid. Then I have to buck up and prove her wrong. Her encouragement led to my joining of Build, Peak, Compete –which is the subsidiary team of the elite road team Marx and Bensdorf. Any time I ride with the team I have to work extra hard just to keep up.

Obstacles: My biggest obstacle is a general lack of structure that is caused by my laziness. I struggle to keep focus in order to train consistently.

Upcoming: I will race Syllamo’s Revenge and later this summer race ORAMM along with a few other mountain and road events.

Tips: Always have fun. I ride to have fun and keep myself sane.

Where do you train: I really just train by road riding in Memphis. Occasionally I head to Arkansas to ride some big hills and rocks.

Nutrition: A bagel sandwich made with eggs, cheese, cream cheese, and hot sauce for breakfast. On the bike I eat Honey Stinger Waffles, Clif Bars, and Gu.

Fav Restaurant: R.P. Tracks, hands down. I can walk over from my apartment and eat anything on the menu with sweet potato fries on the side and a couple of beers – perfect. It’s all delicious, everytime.

Fav Retail Store: Outdoors Inc? Okay, somewhere I don’t work : Lowe’s. They sell all the tools and stuff that aren’t bike specific that mechanics love.

Gear: Niner S.I.R. 9 bike – I have the luxury of riding one of those this season for my mountain bike racing. I like Camelbak products for hydration. Fi’zi:k Saddles have worked well for me for the last 18 months or so. Giro Helmets fit my head really well and the Ionos is really well ventilated and comfortable for the 7-8 hour days on the bike. Swiftwick Socks are my go-to socks for everyday use on and off the bike. Shimano shoes work great also. I can’t wait until I have my own Stan’s No Tubes wheelset to ride – I have been borrowing a friends extra set for big weekends.

Drive: A 2002 Ford Focus Hatchback with a Thule roof rack to haul my bikes, but lately I have been riding a Schwinn Traveller nearly as old as me to work 4 days a week.

Music: I definitely listen to music on solo rides. I am a huge fan of Memphis rap, so I keep Three 6 Mafia, Project Pat and Lil Wyte on my iPhone.

One Thing You May Not Know About Me: I have one pair of toes that are webbed….but sadly no I don’t swim any faster.

Vices: After a ride there is nothing as refreshing as baking a two Totinos Party Pizzas and drinking a few Miller Lites.

Quotes: A friend of mine told me “Teach people until there isn’t an I don’t know how and you will be left with I don’t want to.” I use that philosophy every day.

That was the whole interview. You can catch what was published in Memphis Health and Fitness along with a sweet photo that was taken by Chris Fitzgerald of

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