Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Avoiding Tornadoes.

So the tornadoes tried to attack Memphis for the "too-many-eth" time tonight. I came home from work and chilled in my apartment, which is on the second floor, until the bad storm got close to my part of town. Marley and I then went and hung out in PetCo to be in a nice, solid, ground level building if doom and gloom did descend on the intersection of Orange Mound and The UofM. Disaster was avoided, I bought him a new rope toy that was on super closeout and a few dog treats from the dog treat buffet.

Atleast tomorrow has potential.

PS, while talking with an old friend on Facebook chat she said "you know i know this is off subject but i'm glad i'm not one of those people who don't have necks" So if you fall into that category, you are stuck ugly. Sorry for you.

And of course a little Marley in the blog because he is awesome. And cute.

Marley in bed.

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