Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tiger Lane Crit

Good Racing, Bad Glasses.

I worked a half day Tuesday and Wednesday. This meant I had lots of time to get ready to go to the crit and race hard. It worked out pretty well for all but a little bit.

Monday I had done some 10 minute intervals on the trainer and my warmup had felt sorta off and hard. I did sweat more than any boy should sweat before 7am but in the long run it was all good. Tuesday afternoon I went out on the bike to try and get another short hard ride in. I left the house and wandered to Mud Island in order to do some 3 minute intervals. My plan was to do my intervals into the headwind and my recoveries back down the other direction. It worked out pretty well. . . . except that I had to pass two cars. Everyone was driving slow and stupid and looking at the Mighty Mississipi. Those with faint hearts, skip this next part.

I was doing my on interval and going about 25mph up the island. The Toyota Corolla in front of me at 18mph was obviously a problem. So I passed him and hammered up the road because it was all clear in front of him. Well dipshit feels he needs to pass me back out of spite only to get about 2 more car lengths up the road. I didn't flip him off, I didn't chase him after my interval was over. But that guy is a dick. And Karma exists.

Tangent over.

Tiger Lane Crit. I rode over to start my warm up, signed in, and got going. I did the trade pinning numbers on with Frank, petted his dog a bit, and then finished warming up. The Cat 5 race had tons of Circles and Red Ants with 2 BPC guys including myself. Richard and I were hanging around waiting for the second half of the race to start getting down. I noticed when we were at 12 minutes in an started moving up hard. I had been staying near the front half but at this point I decided to get on the front. I never hit the front, but kept trying to find wheels to ride. I ended up being 2nd wheel with 2 laps to go. 4-5 wheel with one lap to go. Last time we went into the headwind and hammered it was just a tiny bit more than I could do and instantly got popped.

Moral of the story? Riding once a week ain't gonna cut it.

Beer was drank, ugly sunglasses were worn. Went to The Deli and continued drinking.

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