Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Fever Finally Broke

The cross hoss fever finally broke. And yes, it is very similar to this, but not similar to this at all. I don't know if you can call it a season of cross, but it was a total  of 7 races.

I raced the Crunk series like I did last year and had a great time. The first race was good on the geared bike. The next two I did SS and a guy was sorta sad when he realized post race it took him a few laps to pass me, not lap me. I started to get some confidence in my riding ability at this point. I decided to race both days of Spooky Cross and found myself podiuming both days. OK at this point I feel good. I have been riding and it is sorta paying off. Go to McEwen and win. Note to self: ride all winter you spineless terd, keep getting better.

I race the Outdoors race and was happy/pissed at myself. I didn't warm up enough. I should have been sweating at the starting line. John King, MB team rider, who I had been able to shake off my wheel at every race, made me look like I was riding with a brick dragging behind me. He gapped me and I could never get him back. I finally got warmed up or comfortable being uncomfortable and put my head to work. Ben Knoerschild from MB was on a borrowed bike and he found me. We rode together for a while and his fitness is superior, my abilities are superior. Eventually I ended up riding alone to an overall 4th in the B race with 3rd in CX4.

Now I will turn my attention first and foremost to graduating. (see how little attention this gets. This little.)

Next year is going to be a year to kick ass and make people bleed from their eyes.

Spa-City 6 Hour
Ouchita Challenge
Syllamos Revenge
Cohutta 100 (yes I'm gonna pony up.)
Memphis Omnium

I also want to try and spend a week in CO chilling out, riding hard, maybe hiking up to a point where my lungs feel as if they will collapse.

What else should I do, all 5 people who read this?

credit: Super Awesome Courtney

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