Sunday, November 28, 2010

How sweets ruined the world.

I got to ride Thanksgiving Eve in shorts and a jersey. It was so nice. Ryan came by my apartment after work and we proceeded to ride from my apartment on the mountain bikes. It was fun. We rode through campus, which unfortunately did not have any eye candy to view. . . bummer. I set up a bell for our greenway adventures and placed the striker in front of my big ring shift lever. I told Ryan it was a warning. If the bell chimes and no one is around its hammer time. We rode to G-town road and headed back, all reversing it. Afterwards Andrea joined us for beer and food at RP Tracks. It was good. I had chicken and bacon and sweet potatoe fries. Sweet Sweet Jesus. I came home and played with the Marley and decided to watch Fight Club, one of my favorite movies. I am Jack.

I woke up Thanksgiving morning with no real structure and no real plan for the day. I baked muffins. We went to the dog park and played. I cleaned my car out/took the CarMax sticker off/sewed a button the seatbelt so the buckle doesn't go into the deep dark crevice between the seat and door. I also scrubbed all the hard interiors panels that had been becoming greasy from 13 months of leaving the bike shop and driving home without properly scrubbing from the elbow down.  I even took a bucket of water and cleaned up my rims so my ride looks fly (in my opinion, brake dust covered rims is equal to helmet straps over sunglasses - completley un-fucking-acceptable). I rode the trainer as it poured down rain. I watched some of the 06 Paris-Roubaix. Afterwards I did some sweaty push-ups and sit-ups and Marley helped dry me off. . . with his tongue. . . Thanks bud. I shaved my head and face, showered, and went to eat Ryan and Andrea's Thanksgiving awesomeness. After that Ryan hooked me up with a Hoover vacuum so old it has a "shag" setting (just like your mom, but she's stuck in shag-mode, just ask the whole neighborhood) and a box of glasses and kitchen mugs. Having friends rocks. We do things for each other. Like they give me crap they would Goodwill but I need in my apartment. I went home, kicked the dog and cleaned up my trainer mess.

I went to Outdoors on G-town road and Jack-ed (similar to ice, but with a Jack Daniels Down Home Punch) Andrea. Then I gave them some muffins and went home. I lazed around the rest of the day and then later went grocery shopping. Nothing too exciting, nothing too crazy.

Went to work and tried to straight hussle all day and make some mad money. Or something like that. I went to my sisters after work and stayed there in preparation for our Sunday of Thanksgiving dinner with the family. Helped her unpack her Christmas stuff, sorta.

very short bike ride, too much food, and getting tired of typing this post.
Pictures tomorrow maybe.

ps, my blog title is a lie. I love cake like this guy loves cheezeburgerz

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