Friday, November 12, 2010

Mas Cowbell

Mas Cowbell. No Mass Comida Mexicana.

I haven’t been posting. Sorry. View,, or if you need more continual updates. I have been busy racing ‘cross without cross dressing, reading ‘til my eyes melt, cutting my own hair to keep up the Holocaust victim/convict simple haircut, building new Felt F15X frames from the warranty department of Felt Bikes, eating salad, typing papers, installing FSA shallow drop road bars on SAC’s bike, brushing dog teeth, working at the bike store not gluing tubulars (I love gluing tubs on) and searching for new lamps. Add into the mix daylight savings time change and I have been zonking out at record early times all week.

McEwen Cyclocross went down at Pace’s Cog Farm this last weekend. blogger Ryan Bosio told me to STFU, HTFU, and get to the choppa because I was going whether or not my college budget said it fit or not. This proved to be an awesome decision on his part. The MB-BPC team party was the night before so I showed up after work, drank a little, talked some serious bullshine, and tried to explain to one of my former profs and now teammates that I had trumped Zeno’s Paradox of motion. She squashed that pretty quick. But it was all in good philosophical babble fueled by booze. I went home and packed, and headed to The Bosio Compound. I dove into the upstairs bed, tried to sleep, and wanted to strangle the pup for wanting to make friends with the kitty all night. On the way to the race I wasn’t feeling it. Pity Party Supreme. Ryan was feeling a little boozed from the night before but oh well, we were going make it. We arrived and I started warming up and realized this awesome log at the bottom of the hill was something that I HAD to hop. It was too far up the hill to mount at the top and I didn’t feel like getting on in the middle of the hill because the possibility of a stall/redismount seemed likely. I tried hopping it, it worked. I wasn’t convinced it was faster but thought it would be easier/more consistent at least.

Bang the gun goes off. I am sitting in 4th at the first turn and 2nd hits the deck, 3rd gets caught in traffic. Awesome I’m 2nd. Powery grass section, I’m in 4th again. Get to awesome log and 1st causes traffic, 2nd gets caught in traffic, 3rd slows to a crawl to dismount. I hopped it, hammered the hill, came out of the woods anaerobic and bleeding from my eyes with a 8-10 second gap on 2nd. I decide to live in my glory while it lasts – read as continue bleeding from the eyes. The chase group was big but not a unit, it was 5 laps of them slowly trying to reel me in through the grass sections with me gapping them at every dismount and tech feature. The log really helped my lead on every lap and I rode in to my first win on real bikes. I won a 2300g wheelset, a drawstring backpack, and Travis Werts of Sugoi clothing gave me a really cool beanie. Stoked.

I get home to an apartment that now belongs to me and my pooch, Marley. I spend the week trying to get things arranged and settled in with my newly acquired closet and bathroom space. Like I mentioned earlier I was also reading ‘til my eyes melted and typing papers etc. this week.

The Felt Warranty Cross frame with all of its BB30, anodized, better brake routing badassness showed and get built with the use of a Wheels Manufacturing BB30 to Shimango (imagine a mango that is equipped with built in electronic peeler, so those peels come off so much faster) adapter. That thing works trick. I rode it on the road on Tuesday morning. Mechanical problem, no multi tool. WTF. I fixed it after class and went and rode it. Those wheels are slow. They are great trainers though. They make the hills harder. At first I thought I was suffering from Dead Legs and pedaling squares but then I realized my wheels are nearly 1.5 lbs heavier. That is like putting a big burrito on each wheel, but far less tasty.

I rode the trainer this morning and the only thing that saved me from stabbing my eye out (my poor eyes this week, bleeding, melting, and potentially facing being stabbed from boredom) was the fact that Maury was on the Idiot Box so I could laugh at the people who go on that show.

I had Mexican twice this week. Two nights in a row. The first time was at the request of my mother for her birthday. The second night was at request of SAC and it tasted good. After trainer riding this morning it wasn’t so good. No more Mexican food this week for me, por favor.

I also got to build up a bike with Super Record 11 this week, inventory tools in the shop to send some unneeded duplicates to Nashville, and ride a fixie – brah!

Yesterday I woke up at six in the morning and went on a cleaning rampage. Washed the dog and brushed his teeth. Did the dishes and mopped the kitchen, washed bike tire marks off the apartment walls, you know. . . the regular stuff that needs done but no one ever wants to do it until you have that day. I woke up before any alarm went off, looked at the wall, and thought “holy shit I’m really awake right now. Let’s do something”. After work I went and continued my search for lamps. I ended up with hangers and a bag of bagels. I think I may actually purchase lamps tonight.

Outdoors Inc Cyclocross race this weekend. I am racing. Hoping to hit three straight weekends of cross with three appearances on the podium, hopefully the logs are stacked in my favor.

Also received my FUCancer jersey in the mail this week. Stoked.

What did you do this week?

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