Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tiger Lane is over and Syllamo looms ahead.

Last Wednesday was the last week for the Tiger Lane Crit series. I had a blast, won a prime, and BPC swept the podium in the Cat 4 race. Unfortunately one of the BPC 5s was in a pretty big tangle and ended up with some broken bones and skin left upon the pavement.

Next weekend is going to be my 4th attempt at Syllamo's Revenge 50 Miler. I am going to race my steel single speed with my roommates Fox fork installed. I am glad I wised up and installed the suspension on that bike for the race. I have done better every year and hope to continue that trend.

While my fitness may be a little better over this time last year I am not prepared for the race in any other way. I need brake pads, Hammer Gel, a handful of Honey Stinger waffles, a new cog, and maybe a longer chain. My bike doesn't have the right tires on it yet either. That means I need to make an order for some personal parts and get to swapping some tires.

I do have some hope to do very well at this race. I know people who have flatted twice in the first 5 miles and spent the rest of the day death-marching. My first year I sat on the side of the trail hoping for a shorter route back to the car. While I want to my best I am realizing some days everything doesn't like up so swell. So if I rip both of my tires on a rock and break my chain my contingency plan is party hard.

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