Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What happened to me?

I have been riding, working, having loads of fun working at Outdoors, and having way too much fun. I can only recap back a week because things have been rough/busy/and pretty blurry around the edges.

Monday - went to work, a cute chick with loads of peircings tips me for working on her bike so fast. She had said she needed it to ride to school that night. I knew if I didn't fix her brake she was going to keep riding without a brakes. I couldn't deal with that. After work me and Charles go to Celtic and use a "4 free pints" coupon the owner gave us for working on his bike and the tip from brakeless chick to have some fun. We proceed home to get down some more and then cut Charles's hair. It was awesome.
Tuesday - must not have been too exciting because I don't remember.
Wednesday - worked then went to Charles's apartment and hung out and watched some shred gnar bmx movies.
Thursday - holy shit. Birthday. Went to work. Went home. Went to RP Tracks. There were Ryan, Andrea, Micheal, Ryan Phillips, Jay Phillips, Charles, Katherine, Matt Robins, Graham, Kyle, Steve, and Alex there. It was sort of a rotating crowd as some people showed and left before others showed up. To RP Tracks, Micheal, and Steve - birthday shots are evil and delicious. I felt as if the tabs were getting big enough and said lets giddy up and go to my apartment. No one died, threw up, or punched holes in my walls. I'd say it was a successful birthday.
Friday - Day off to go to Nashville for team training camp. Ryan and I decided to go the next morning and save the money. I went to work and washed canoes. Went to No Regrets and got my ears bigger-tized.
Saturday - Woke up, went to Ryans, drove to Nashville, saw RB's up there, went to the hotel, checked in, changed, rode 60 miles in the coldy windy crap. Showered, went to dinner, had team meeting, went to bed. Slept 5 hours.
Sunday - woke up, ate breakfast, contemplated dying, rode 60 miles, showered, ate lunch, drove home.
Monday - worked and went home. Got some laundry detergent.
Tuesday - day off. Woke up, breakfast, laundry, sewed a patch to my Timbuk2 bag, dishes, washed my sheets, rode the rollers and was in the process of melting my eyes out when I realized my "pieces parts" were unresponsive to stimuli (my junk had fallen asleep from hammering in the saddle for 45 minutes in the drops).  Cut the workout short, cooled off and decided to take a short run. Came home from that and walked the dog. Did some more chores, folded some clothes. Made the bed. Washed some bikes at the car wash, put new brake pads on my cross bike, and hung up some posters in the bike room. Now I am writing a blog and its not even 6:30 pm yet. All in all been a good day.
Tomorrow I have to go to a bike shop meeting at 8:30 am and get my meeting on.

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