Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Busy Beavers

The beavers have been busy. Very Busy.
We are building some new stuff to make our lodge cozier, i have been glueing tubulars like things are going out of style. I love to glue tubulars. I think it is just wonderful.

We had an intern at work for a few days and it was a fun time.

I made lots of stuff happen. Like bikes got fixed, floors got swept, jokes were made. Everyone laughed.
All in all things are going good.
I am working on getting more technologically attached and making this whole update thing happen more often.

Also I stumbled upon a new-to-me but not new at all bicycle that I have started parting together today.

Looking forward to this weekend I am going to race my first road race-Super Flossy, I raced a training crit once and didn't last long. Hoping this weekend goes better for me.

Monday my cross bike will be for sale.
If you are a big tall boy and interested, let me know.
Will include bike, bike fit, road tires, cross tires, and a garmin edge 205 bike computer. $1000.

No I am not selling my bike because I think that this weekend will destroy. I want to sell my bike but I do not wish to sell my cross bike and not have it in order to road race this weekend.

You may ask why I am selling my cross bike? I will give some question/answer scenarios.
-Is there something wrong with it? No the bike is great. It is good, straight, and fast. It has podiumed races. It has been on a solo 105 mile road ride. It will paceline at 35 mph on pavement.
-Do you not like it? - I love it, as a cross bike.
-What do you mean though. . .as a cross bike? Well cross season is about 6 months away. Why sit on this cross bike and try to road race it all year when I can sell it now, buy a road bike to road race now. Save money and buy a cross bike to race cross on later in the year.
-What happens if you dont save up to buy a cross bike, I thought you liked cross? The Surly is a constant in my quiver o' bikes. I'll be racing on single speed steel if I don't keep my finances in line.

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  1. Thanks for coming out and playing last night.