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Floral Vans

I lost my Floral Vans Authentic this fall. Not like got-blackout-drunk-and-lost-my-shoes lost them. They died. They were totally worn out and I decided they weren't worth moving from Wisconsin back to Colorado. I placed an undo amount of sentimental value on those shoes. See, Vans Authentic in black on black were my work shoes. My final two years living in Memphis I worked for a sign company. I was a customer service representative and had a desk/production job. I spent a decent amount of time out on the production flooring checking quality, lending a hand, shooting the shit, and generally not doing stuff I could do in "office shoes" but I had it in my head I wanted to look nice. I got a pair of Authentics in black on black and it took me kicking back with my feet on my desk one morning when everyone was talking about their weekends before anyone realized I had Vans on. The shoe may be black from the top but the sole is still gum when viewed from beneath. A few of my cowo

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